A New Arising of My Homeland, the Snow Land of Tibet

by Ogyan Trinley Dorje the 17th Gyalwa Karamapa

From the Archives Ashé Journal, Vol 3, Issue 2, Summer 2004.

Amid a healing grove of refreshing sala trees,

We discuss this time of the year two thousand.

From the lakeshore, the melting white moon of merit is seen;

Its rays illuminating like the body of the Buddha with all its signs.

Bodhichitta is a band of lamplight in the dusky horizon

Bringing joy to the weary mind.

Freedom from harm, like the fragrance of perfect joy,

Permeates the wide reach of this world.

White flowers of snow lightly fall like honeyed rain,

The glory of the mind comes softly to the ear.

The young, flawless sun is a good friend of the opening lotus;

The joyful amrita of benefiting others brings delight.

With a resonant song of long life, the drums of summer thunder fill the world,

Arousing the play of myriad songs and dances of great bliss.

Flowers from a golden age fill the celestial path of the sky

Fill the celestial path of the sky.


Reprinted from Music In the Sky: The Life, Art & Teachings of the 17th Karamapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje, by Michele Martin (Snow Lion Publications, 2003).