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Volume 9, Issue 1

Special fiction and poetry edition of the Journal brings Jed Bickman's meditation on the divine feminine Devi and heresies by Raymond Luczak; poetry by Stefanie Maclin, Lee M. Sloca, Anne Brooke, Raymond Luczak, Jaisyn Yemaya, Stephen R Killeen, Eric Halliwell, Ocean Vuong and Sven Davisson; new fiction by John P. Hill, Michael P. McManus, Ray Blackwood and Thomas Fuchs.



Volume 8, Issue 2

This issue of Ashe Journal includes articles on the Occult William Burroughs by Mitch Shenassa, does real Buddhism exist in the West by Brad Warner, encounters with the gods by Eric Scott, and the Phenomenology of Maya by Manas Roy; fiction by C. S. Fuqua and Terry Sanville ; and poetry by Joseph M. Gant, John Givens, Mary Lane Potter, George Moore, C. N. Bean, Don Phillips, KH Solomon, and J. J. Steinfeld.



Volume 8, Issue 1

This issue of the journal Ashe includes examinations of the Rise of Logos and the Fall of Eros by Dirk Dunbar, Mary in the Qur'an by Chelsea Luellon Bolton, the Sacred Geometry of the Resurrection of Christ by T.C. Eisele; essays on magick by Julian Vayne and Charlotte Rodgers; meditations on suffering and the divine by G. David Schwartz and Robert A. Kezer; new fiction by Clifford Garstang; and poetry by Adam Shechter.



Volume 7, Issue 2

This issue of Ashe Journal brings together celebrations of the wild and pagan energies of this time featuring the poetry of Skadi meic Beorh, David Finn, Robert Walker, Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhran, Diana R. Thompson, David Finn, Lupercus Pagani and Jeff Mann. Also featured in issue #7.2 are a history of the Order of Perpetual Indulgence by Sister Soami; an essay on becoming yourself through your dreams by Dr. Jerrid P. Freeman and Angela Passarelli; new writing from Raymond Yeo and Sud Ram; and book reviews.



Volume 7, Issue 1

Features an examination of the Buddhist influence on the artwork of Sylvain Bouthillette by Peter Dubé; new fiction from Riley McLeod; The Sutra of Immeasurable Life and Wisdom translated by Brendan Connell; excerpts from Brad Warner s Sit Down and Shut Up; and writing from Darin Beasley, Tim Holmes, Iamba, Thomas Fuchs, Girish Menezes, Charles Suhor, Bob Makransky, Stephen Killeen, Toni Fergusson and Farrell Davisson; artwork by Garin Horner.


Volume 6, Issue 2

Special Art issue featuring the work of Antonion Roybal, Nemo, Darrell Black, Joyce Ellen Weinstein, Janice Lincoln, Ben Baldwin, Tantra Bensko and A.R. Teest. Plus an essay Eternity in Ephemerality: An Enduring Enigma by Patrick and Rachel Jemmer.


Volume 6, Issue 1

An examination of Techno Shamanism and educational research by David R. Cole, new writing from Tristram Burden, Brendan Connell, Laurie Corzett, Diepiriye Kuk-Siemons and Christopher Woods, and the poetry of Andrew T. Cutler, Sven Davisson, David Finn, Tim Holmes, Matt Mallon and Johnathan C. Sampson. Featuring the artwork of Jason Kraley.


Volume 5, Issue 4

Guest editor Jay Michaelson joins the Ashé family to produce a thought-provoking collection of modern jewish writing, poetry and art.


Volume 5, Issue 3

An exploration of the Dharma from finding the feminine in the masculine myths, the Tibetan Book of the Dead to the Savage Buddha. eachings by Master Dogen Zenji, Master Gudo W. Nishijimi and Nissim Amon.


Volume 5, Issue 2

Exerpts and interviews of Matthew Fox, Salvatore Sapienza, Jason Louv, Cynthea Masson, Gregory DiStefano and Trebor Healey.


Volume 5, Issue 1

Spray Can Mimesis (representation or imitation of the real world in art and literature). New fiction from Jay Michaelson, Farrell Davisson, Craig Gindey and others.


Volume 4, Issue 3

An in depth analysis of Gnosticism from the ancient to the post modern, from Valentinus to William S. Burroughs.


Volume 4, Issue 2

The first annual Ashé Journal Book Award, selections from the five finalists. Tales of Hindu Devilry, Monk as CEO.


Volume 4, Issue 1

Special Issue: Occulture in the fin de siecle. Josephin Péladan, J.K. Huysmans, Jules Doinel, Adrian Eckersley, Alamantra, Eric Lerner, Arthur Machen, and a tribute to Cabell McLean...


Volume 3, Issue 3

Articles on William S. Burroughs' Apocalyptica, dreams, gender & culture, vision questing, same-sex marriage, and poetry selections...


Volume 3, Issue 2

Features a Cosmobiological analysis of Artist Alex Grey and Dharma articles by Thrangu Rinpoche, John Daido Loori, Gopakumara and others...


Volume 3, Issue 1

The Thelemic Centennial. Aleister Crowley, Lon Milo DuQuette, Eric Lerner, Alamantra, Ron Adams, Dead Jellyfish, Sven Davisson...


Volume 2, Issue 4

Krishna Conscioussness issue. Swami B.V. Tripurari, Bhakti Tirtha Maharaja, Pitambara dasa, Syamasundara dasa, Phil Hine...


Volume 2, Issue 3

Special William S. Burroughs issue. Phil Hine, Cabell McLean, Douglas Grant, Genesis P-Orridge, Sven Davisson, Bruce Watkins...


Volume 2, Issue 2

Special issue on Osho, Rajneeshpuram and Neo-Sannyas. Autumn Pardee, Swami Chaitanya Keerti, Ma Yoga Laxmi...


Volume 2, Issue 1

Special features on Adi-Nath tantra and the Orisha Consciousness Movement. Lawrence Schimel, Shri Sahajananda, Eric Lerner...


Volume 1

Baba Raul Canizares, Trebor Healey, Jim Provenzano, Allen Ginsberg, Vivek Anand, Ruth Moore, Farrell Davisson...


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