For the Love of God

Variations of the Vaisnava School of Krishna Devotion By Phil Hine From the Archives Ashé Journal #2.4, 2003. Western pagans seeking for queer-positive themes & representations in Indian mysticism have tended to focus on popularized notions of Tantra, possibly due to Tantra’s supposed emphasis on ‘sacred sexuality.’ In this essay, I will outline some of […]

Magick and Photography

by Douglas Grant From the Archives, Ashé Journal #2.3, 2003. The magical implications of photography first appeared with the introduction of modern man and his technology into the world of primitive man. To this day, when a camera is introduced into some primitive cultures, the natives immediately disperse for fear that their souls will be […]

Zimbu Xototl Time

by Phil Hine (paintings by Toshi) From the Archives, Ashé Journal #2.3, 2003. William S. Burroughs’ 1969 novel The Wild Boys introduces several themes into the author’s magical universe: the struggle to escape the mechanisms of social control; the search for transcendence of the biological trap of duality, and the narrator’s ability to rewrite (and thereby destroy) […]