About Us

Modernity reveals us as individuals unfolded into a world of concepts where it is both a right and compulsion to divulge the practice of our own individuality. “Know thyself” has been replaced by “create thyself.” Whether we have self or no-self, whether endowed spiritually by creator, source or the fog cloaked mountain, the practice is there. It is precisely the notion that we have a spirituality that is our connective bond.

Ashé Journal is a project born of an alembic of connections and communications. It is a manifestation of the joy in sharing diverse perspectives on the spiritual path—sometimes synchronous, sometimes discordant; sometimes beautifully ecumenical and at others unforgiving and self-critical. Above all else, Ashé’s intent is to form a nexus for spiritual possibility: An interchange of voices often silenced or ignored. Ashé provides a space for seekers to speak for themselves without the academic filter of the ‘objective observer.’ Ashé is the energy and enthusiasm fueling communication and change.

Editor: Sven Davisson

Publisher: Rebel Satori Press